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When NBC Comes To Your House {written by Misha}

January 12, 2011
So, first of all when they call and tell you to get your house ready for lots of viewers on TV and potentially a lot more online, it’s a teensy, tiny, just a wee bit intimidating!
But my friend Pam donated my favourite colour hydrangeas and helped me buy some yummy treats to serve and other friends Molly and Kurt came over and loved on us and my sweet neighbour, Rachel, offered to take the kids for a bit if they needed to film anything quietly – they did! –  and the kids and I washed windows and we spruced it up the best we could.
The kids were nervous, I am sure catching the sense of “adventure” about it all
that the grown-ups felt.
But once Anthony and Chris arrived, it started to feel fun. They were truly amazing, not only including the kids and setting us all at ease… 

…but then also showing the kids what all the equipment was and what it did.

The kids were enthralled.

And amazed.

And it was really wild to see your own face look back at you talking only seconds after being filmed!

Then Anthony showed them how he edited the material.

And even showed us snippets of the interviews of recipients he had been working on already!

Chris was more beautiful and lovely in person than you can imagine.

They were truly gracious, kind people and we felt honoured to have them in our home. As we had almonds and New Zealand wine and local cherries and gathered around the table together with our guests I thought, you really, truly never know who God will bring to your kitchen table when you open up your heart and family and say ‘yes.’
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