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FAQ: Are You A Faith-Based Organization?

January 23, 2011

Answer: In short, yes.

Clarification: But giving, we believe, transcends all faiths. Generosity (and we love this) connects all people.

Our family loves God, we personally believe in Jesus and we try very much to follow his direction to love our neighbours with all our heart. We take literally what he says about taking care of people who need help and people who are hurting – and it brings us tremendous joy to be able to facilitate others doing that through GA (Giving Anonymously) for their own neighbours and friends.

We offer to pray for people on the phone at our office, we pray for them at home regardless and Lionel prays over every envelope that goes through our hands with a gift in it.

Why do we pray? Because we have seen first-hand that prayer changed our own lives. Over half of our family would not be alive today without the gift of answered prayer.

What do we pray? We pray for hope for recipients and donors that are worried, we pray for their friends and community to come around them and care for them, we pray they will know how loved they are and how valuable their fears and burdens are to others. And most of all we pray that they will not feel alone. That they will experience the nearness of a kind, compassionate God through people’s generosity.

So when people ask if we have an agenda – the answer is yes. We do. It’s generosity.

Our hope and prayer is that everybody that has anything to do with our organization will know that they are cared for and that they are not alone.

We have seen it and we believe it: simple, small acts of generosity can literally change lives.

We do have faith for that.

{Hiding with secrets the day before Christmas. }

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