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Smiling Is Our Favourite!

January 28, 2011

You may have seen the front page article in our local paper about us today. You may have received our update about the new challenges we are facing even since that article went to print. The news is that we are facing obstacles far too great for our little family to face on our own. Far too big for our little organization of Giving Anonymously.

Many people are asking us questions: What are we going to do? What if the money doesn’t come in? What if we have to make some big decisions? We are taking those questions seriously and we are facing each one. But this is what we are also doing…

We are smiling. We are remembering.

I used to be so sick (for seven years) that I was told I may never get married. I wake up every day to not just being healed from that sickness, but being married to the very wonderful, breathing proof that doctors aren’t always right.

This little man wasn’t meant to be alive. He very much is. And he loves smiling. A lot.

We are not immune to the stress – we are feeling the pressure. But we know there is a bigger picture. And we are focusing on that. And we are smiling at the evidence in our lives of God surmounting huge obstacles to take care of us. That is what we are wanting him to do for other families through Giving Anonymously.
photo credit for the last picture: Tracie Bonjour

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  1. February 1, 2011 12:21 am

    oh misha… i LOVE this post… you are so great! your glasses rock!! i’m praying, and i’ll write more later, dear friend.

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