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Making Good Decisions

May 15, 2011

by Misha

I have just been writing the kids’ monthly learning reports today and it finally dawned on me why this last month has seemed so blurry and a bit wild!

We had a very first piano recital, an eighth birthday and life to celebrate, a couple of broken bones with surgery, Mother’s Day secrets and sweetness, making decisions about next year’s schooling, Easter celebrations and hosting, doing a 5K as a family (even with a freshly casted arm), three very dear friends going through painful situations that we care so much about, the annual state required assessments that both kids did – proctored at home for the first time  and all the normal life things like work, education and family time. (I post lots of pictures over here.)

But in all of that, one of our main emphases for our kids’ learning this month was on how to make good, critically thought-through decisions. (And as it turned out we had a lot of application opportunities!)

The many things going on this month provided ample setting for us as a family to discuss how people make decisions and how decisions should and can be made in light of other people’s opinions; how to make choices with disappointments, with fear and nervousness and in combination with team work; how to still make good choices even when we don’t understand things and how to choose the right choices even with scary pressure around us.

The picture the kids and I drew as we talked about this was of a big umbrella. Underneath that was a little guy with a big, pounding heart and a large, exposed brain in his head holding the handle of the umbrella. There were some splashes from all the rain getting on him.

 The big umbrella represented us asking God for wisdom and trusting Him to cover and help us. The little guy’s brain represented us using our noggins to make pros and cons and learning to think implicationally. His big heart showed that feelings are definitely involved in decisions – but they are only one component of a good choice. (Not the only guiding factor!)

The rain represented the wisdom and advice we seek and ask for from others – but that we pray, too, that the right advice is what will get us wet and splash on us under God’s care. And lastly – choice. The little guy still has to choose to hold that umbrella handle – and what direction he is going to walk.

With all of life’s pain, ups and downs, beauty and excitement – that is what we are learning about as a family this month. How to make good decisions – sometimes even after things feel broken, exhausting or a whole lot blurry. I am praying this Sunday afternoon that you and your family will feel God’s care and kindness in all of your choices this next week.

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  1. Miranda permalink
    May 16, 2011 5:49 am

    Ooh, this is a great illustration … may I borrow it for Kez?! As you know, lots of processing and choosing of reactions and decision-making going on over here! Good job 🙂

  2. Barbara R. Thompson permalink
    May 16, 2011 10:26 pm

    So insightful. The drawing that you and the children did is excellent. Simple yet so profound. Many blessings as you go through this new week.

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