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The Vacuum Cleaner

June 24, 2011

Tuesday night the kids and I celebrated the first day of summer by taking our first jump of the season into this lake which is only a few minutes drive from our home.  It’s one of our most favorite places to be during the Bellingham summer months. ———

I have a memory of Kezia, when she was around one, of her getting cornered by the vacuum cleaner.  She was terrified of our vacuum in general and on this particular occasion it so happened that she was standing in the last spot needing to be vacuumed.  Sensitive dad that I am I didn’t think of the option of turning it off and letting her past.  So there we were: me, the vacuum and the spot of carpet on which was my terrified daughter.  Over the noise of the vacuum the following words sprang from my mouth, “Kezia! You don’t need to be afraid of something dad is in control of!”

The moment the words left my mouth I heard God repeat them back to me.  “Lionel! You don’t need to be afraid of anything that I am in control of!”

There are many vacuum cleaners in my life that make lots of noise and it’s sometimes hard to see God when pursued by the loud machine of life.  But He is there.  And He is in control.  I don’t always understand why He has to vacuum the spot on which I’m standing but I’ve learned that He’s safe and trustworthy.

——–Here’s a little update from our family:

I’m excited by what is happening at Giving Anonymously.  We still have a few challenges to wade through with the state but we are feeling optimistic.  Due to the complications and uniqueness of our case it’s taking time for the state to figure out how to place us.  The time delay has turned into a blessing for us as we’ve been able to take a breather and catch up financially as an organization.  We have a new website coming out shortly that we are also thrilled about.

Misha and I have been going through a few health issues that are concerning.  Frequent migraines for her and stomach burning/a possible ulcer for me.  We are working on getting a few things in place such as decent medical insurance to investigate these symptoms further.  Initial thoughts are that they could be stress related.  I’d appreciate your prayers for us for health especially if there’s some other root cause which we cannot see – and just prayers for health in general – I feel like we really need that at this time especially.

Some of you may have heard that I was trying to go back to school to finish the 8 courses left in my MBA (an evening course for working people.)  I found out four hours before my class was supposed to start on Tuesday  that I received permission to waive the course which I was enrolled for this summer (based on work experience.)  I get the credits but don’t need to take the course.  This was a huge relief to Misha and I and a gift to us for the summer.

Thank you for your prayers and friendship.


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  1. Barbara Thompson permalink
    June 24, 2011 5:03 am

    Excellent letter honey. Thank you. Your opening illustration about the vacuum cleaner is great and brings the reader right in.

    Praying for you. Have some ideas which I will need to bounce off your Dad.



  2. June 24, 2011 9:36 pm

    Love this story Lionel. Thank you for sharing.

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