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Vision through foggy windows

July 10, 2011

Obstacles often force us to sharpen our perspective on things.  I feel like that is happening with me personally in light of Giving Anon.  The question I’ve been asking is what does one do when external pressures begin confronting ones’ vision (or various elements thereof).   At these times knowing where one is going becomes even more important.

So if you asked me –  Where are we going?  What are we hoping to do?  What is our vision for Giving Anon?  – this is what I’d say…

We want to encourage and facilitate peer to peer generosity around the world.   The response that we’ve received from the $1.5 million we’ve sent out has been really heartfelt.  We know it’s touching lives, drawing people closer together, helping people care for one another, all this and in a deeply meaningful and personal way.  The concept of pure generosity also excites us.  We think part of the unique message is that there’s nothing to gain it’s just pure giving.   We visualize people from around the world getting excited about giving to one another and allowing GA to help them be charities of and in themselves to those around them in need.

We are still waiting to find out what the authorities think of our vision, how they want to monitor us, and what licenses they’ll ask us to get.   As I pray, I sense God reiterating to me this question – “What is my (our collective) vision?”  The obstacles are not overwhelming to God, though they may be to me.  His concern is usually always with where someone is headed, and not with what’s trying to stop them getting there.

Keith Green has a lyric which goes, “Give it your best, pray that it’s blessed, and He will take care of the rest.”   So, we are giving it our best, trying not to be intimidated or to step down from the challenges, and trying to do it all with wisdom.  Thank you to you who are believing with us and praying with us that God will indeed bless and take care of the rest.


Photo of Mt Baker behind Bellingham by John Scurlock

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