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Thompson family’s financial and giving update.

October 4, 2011

After my last correspondence a few of you asked if I could be more specific about where our family’s finances are.   I want to say beforehand that we feel so honored that many of you continue supporting us for our work with GA.  There are many needs in our respective communities and we are humbled and grateful that you’d choose to help us.

I was recently reading a biography on Amy Carmichael, a renowned missionary to India.  She wrote in her journal, “Is the work for which we want the money God’s chosen work for us, or our chosen work for Him?  If the former, will not He see after the money necessary?  If the latter, then how can we expect anything better than we have?”

Eleven years ago on the day Misha and I got married a man came up to us and shared a sense he had from God.  Part of what he said was that we’d see millions coming through our hands none of which would be ours.  When I ask that question Amy Carmichael asked – am I doing my chosen work for God – Or God’s chosen work for me –  I think about what was shared with us eleven years ago and trust that indeed GA was God’s idea all along.

The following is where we stand financially at this time:

Our mortgage and basic living expenses add up to $4400 each month.  Having added a few more hours of bookkeeping / accounting, my paid work is bringing in $2200 and an additional $1690 (average of last four months) is coming in through monthly / one time gifts through our church Mosaic or to us directly.  In summary we are usually short by $500-$600 monthly.  A note on our basic living expenses – this includes bills and food and not savings or medical insurance.  Our medical is currently being covered for us through May 2012.

A number of you who have been supporting us monthly through Mosaic church have had difficulty switching over to their new system (now set up through Giving Anonymously).  The link to give to us through Mosaic (for tax receipts) is as follows:  If a tax receipt is not necessary you can use our Facebook LMKL link:

Once again Misha and I cannot tell you how grateful we continue to be for your support.  The privilege we feel of being able to help people through Giving Anonymously would not be possible were in not for your continued generosity to us.  From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You!

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