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Our Story

As a couple we started Giving Anonymously ( in 2005. We both grew up in communities where anonymous giving, like slipping money under other people’s doors, was the norm.

Lionel remembers as a kid slipping an envelope of cash under a friend’s door and then running away as fast as he could to not get “caught.”

Giving Anonymously (GA) came out of us brainstorming how we could make giving to others easier. We thought if we would be the only ones to use GA it would still be worth it. What we didn’t expect was for the New York Times to call us out of the blue and include GA in a story they ran in March 2009.

Nor did we expect NBC to put us on their evening news – more than once! Since then the volume of gifts given through GA has surpassed the one million dollar mark and has only continued to escalate.

In September 2009 Lionel resigned from his job to give his full attention to GA. This blog is the story of what it’s like to raise kids, pay a mortgage and live in North America – all while running a non-profit that doesn’t pay you a salary.

We call it our family adventure and this is our story.

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