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Our Family

We are Lionel, Misha, Kezia and Luke.

Lionel is a Kiwi who lived in Hawaii and then Switzerland as a kid. Misha was born in Afghanistan and raised in Amsterdam – her folks now live in South Africa.

Kezia and Luke, well, we decided to raise them in the Pacific Northwest of the United States just to break the mold! We all love the mountains and the Pacific Ocean and being outside.

Kezi brings us colour, compassion and a love for dancing and music into our family. Luke brings us laughter and life and a passion for animals, research and art.

Misha homeschools the kids, is a writer and also an occasional university instructor on the topic of The Gift of Pain. She was really sick for seven years and then later survived a near-death experience in childbirth that left her in a coma for a week and with short-term memory loss for four months –  both events taught her a lot.

Lionel manages Giving Anonymously, loves tennis and teasing his family  – and says this is the happiest he has ever been.

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